Failed April Fools prank on the Storm Chasing community

Yesterday I tried to pull an April Fools-joke on my Twitter-followers hoping the Storm Chasing-community would be amused.

Basically, what I did was to copy the hook echo created on the day of the Joplin-tornado, which is an obvious tornado echo with the debris ball and everything. I also took a screen dump of the Washington D.C.-area. I had to do some photoshopping to cut out the names of the map while removing map names from the Joplin-echo.

After that I merged the two images and put it back in the screen dump of my RadarPro image. I am quite satisfied with how real it looked, although quite unbelieveable.

Edit: Later realized this was not a good type of April fools since tweets could end up out of context and would cause people to get scared. My intention was just to prank the storm chasing community who I expected to realize how absurd it was and easily be able to verify its invalidity.

The website stats looks like a tornadic sky typically peaks at times when there is an outbreak of tornadoes (given all the attention from media I guess) and typically has a higher average during tornado season. I have noticed this a couple of times when I look at my stats from the website.

By reversing the image I realized this actually looked like a tornadic sky with every tornado outbreak visually represented with a “tornado peak”. The effect would actually have been more clear if I would have reduced the amount of days, since the larger peaks tilts the scale a bit. But, I didn’t feel like re-doing it all after I realized this…

tornado outbreak visualized by website stats
The time-scale is reversed with May 2014 to the left and Jan 1st 2013 on the right hand sida.

iPhone panocloning

iPhone panorama cloning

Had some fun cloning myself using the iPhone panorama camera mode earlier this year, during a down day at White Sands, NM. Basically, what you do is take a photo yourself in the first shot, go behind the photographer and put yourself in position for the end portion of the panorama sweep. Panocloning!