Day 7 – Bust day

Day 8 - Waiting...
Day 6 - Supercells and sunsets

The amazing day yesterday ended in a really nice hotel, simply because we could not find anything else. Not a problem to me, since lodging is included in this trip!

This weekend is expected to be really great and it apparently started of really well. Saturday, however, was a “bust day”. This means, you go out to an area that has the right conditions, but nothing really happens. We stopped at a corn field in Iowa and it was extremely hot and humid, but absolutely nothing happened. The highlight was when we walked into the little town nearby (Sidney, Iowa) and bought a Fat Tire (Colorado beer), sat down by the water tank and just chilled out.

Another interesting thing is to look at the group dynamics among us. How groups are formed, and how different people react to the boredom which quite often is apparent (5-6 hours in the car per day!). I guess how you treat the boredom depends a lot on how well you are prepared for it, mentally, but also what you bring in terms of books etc.

sidney iowa
Sidney – One of many village names in the Midwest having a counterpart in the world.
george korounis getting interviewed
George hosts a TV serie called Angry planet where he is documenting everything from tornadoes to avalanches and volcanoes. He works occasionally for Cloud 9 Tours.
Day 8 - Waiting...
Day 6 - Supercells and sunsets

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