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Flying to your storm chasing tour

Flights to the location of your storm chasing tour are NOT included in the tour price. The night before your tour is, most likely, not included in the tour price either. You need to book the flight yourself but often the tour company can help you book the hotel (usually to a discount).

Before you book your flight

  • Check out the information on the tour operator’s website. The information on this website is secondary information and you should always double check it with the tour operator for confirmation.
  • It can be a bit confusing figuring out which date to arrive. Some tour operators state the arrival date as a suggestion on when you should plan to be in the city (the day before the tour starts). Others only state the start date of the tour, which is the date when the tour actually starts (usually sometime in the morning).

Although you could schedule to arrive on the start date it is not recommended since you may not get there in time! If that happens, don’t trust the tour operator to wait for you.

  • The same goes for your departure date. The end date is the date when the tour ends and this could also be a bit confusing. Sometimes this is a chase day meaning you could get back really late in the evening. You should book a flight, at least the day after the end date. No matter what: always double check this with the tour operator!.
  • The night of the end date is likely included in the tour price but may not be. Check this with your tour operator as well!

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