Linda Morgan
Thomas Trott

Review of "Victoria" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

I've been storm chasing with Storm Group Chasers for the past 4 years. 2014 will be my 5th year. I enjoy the chase, but also the level of service provided by the tour group. This group, since it is so small, can be accommodating; however, within the limits of safety. This group will risk not seeing an event in order to keep us safe. Something I think is extremely important! The small group makes it not only an experience with weather - but great camaraderie. I would highly recommend anyone interested in weather and chasing to become part of this group!

Vehicle review:

Since this is a small group, the van is comfortable. Great music provided by Peter. What is also nice is the attempt to eat healthy during the tour. Although fast food may be necessary depending on the weather; picnics in the park are an added attraction.

Tour guide review:

Chasing with Peter Wharton is a pleasure. He is extremely knowledgeable about weather and is willing to teach those who want to learn. Although finding a tornado is a bonus, he has the knack for finding weather events.

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Linda Morgan
Thomas Trott

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