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Review of "May Tour #4" by Extreme Chase Tours

General review

Extreme Chase Tours certainly lived up to it's name over the two weeks I was in the USA. We travelled across many states, saw so many amazing things, visited and met some fantastic people and saw 6-7 tornadoes! During the first week there wasn't supposed to be any weather at all, so our hopes certainly weren't high! However, after travelling to Nebraska, my Father and I literally stood right below a huge, rumbling, rotating Mothership Supercell - which inevitably produced a tornado. Over the course of the next two weeks we saw hundreds of supercells, wall clouds, tornado warnings, beautiful lightening and tornadoes themselves!! Everything was very professional - with Lanny Dean always knowing what was going on with the weather at every second. In the mornings we were always briefed about what was happening for the day - and why we were going where we were going. Every room we stayed in was carefully checked over by Lanny himself, and whenever there was time to sit down and have a nice meal - we were able to do so. Despite not having as much luck with the weather as you would expect on an average May week - every bit of weather that was produced... we were there before it even happened.

Vehicle review:

Dad and I rode in two vehicles over the two weeks and both were equally comfortable and well equipped! Room for bags, drinks, food, legs - it was an easy way to travel!

Tour guide review:

Where do I even begin... Lanny Dean is one of the most dedicated and wonderful people I have ever met in my life. He was up all night running weather scans and making sure he found something, ANYTHING for us to chase. Even during a week where there was 'no weather' around - he had us right below a huge, tornado producing supercell. He took the time to explain everything he was talking about - so that by the time you left, you were using the correct verbiage without even realising it! My Father and I had the please of Morris and Alexis helping Lanny with the driving - and they were just amazing. So many laughs were had, that despite the gas station food... i'm pretty sure I've come home with a 6-Pack! Lanny and his family have become our family in America. We travelled all the way from Australia and they were just so warm and welcoming that we didn't want to leave (hence why we ended up staying two weeks). If you want a personal, amazing tour - with honesty, and great people... then choose Extreme Chase Tours. You won't find another tour operator with more heart and passion that Lanny Dean.

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Drew Myer
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