Alex G
Tammy Crain

Review of "Tour 5" by Extreme Tornado Tours

General review

Overall, the tour was an experience of a lifetime. The guides were professional with their duties but maintained a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. When we got under a storm, the guides handled themselves in a calm and collective manner. I felt safe the entire time out chasing. I have nothing bad to say about my experience with the tour.

Vehicle review:

We travelled in large vans. The vans were pretty comfortable and offered wifi as well. I don't have any complaints about the vans we travelled in.

Tour guide review:

I became good friends with all of the guides on the tour. They taught me more about storms and how to forecast. Even when the weather was good, they still found things to keep the guests entertained and happy. I think they all did an exceptional job.

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Alex G
Tammy Crain

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