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Review of "Tour 2" by Weather Adventures

  • Review by: Laura Smith
  • Tour Operator: Weather Adventures
  • Tour: Tour 2
  • Year: 2014
  • Validated: This review has been validated.

General review

I was very happy with my tour experience. Saw 2 EF2 tornadoes in Missouri and got to feel the inflow from a rain wrapped EF3 tornado in Nebraska. The rooms we stayed at were very nice. The places we ate at were great. Also for 5 days there were no storms so they took me sightseeing from Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Saw some amazing places and had the adventure of a life time.

Vehicle review:

Four hours on a plane killed my back but the van was very nice and compatible. Had wifi, they provided free water or you could put what kind of drinks you wanted in the cooler. They went way out of their way to give me the best tour experience. For other people I can only say choose weatheradventures and have the time of your life. Take a sweater, it's gets a little chilly when the wind is blowing.

Tour guide review:

Blake Knapp and Dave Holder were the best tour guides. Very friendly, funny, informative and would answer any question I asked of them. They made the best out of the weather that was there. First tour and I see two tornado, you can't bet that. I highly recommend them.

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stuart cosgrove
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