Jennifer Giordano

Review of "Early season tour" by PDS Storm Tours

General review

The tour was phenomenonal. I was fascinated with the amount of knowledge and education Gene and Barb where able to provide in regards to radar, the atmosphere, different clouds, etc. Gene and Barb guided us to an amazing storm and we were able to witness all aspects of it as well as rotation while feeling extremely safe in their care. I plan on not only continuing on guided tours with this team but also to go to classes that they provide to the community to learn more. PDS storm tours, thank you for an amazing experience which I will never forget and am lucky to have taken part in.

Vehicle review:

I couldn't believe the technology that Gene and Barb had in their truck. Very impressive! The ride was very comfortable even with 3 adults in the back seating.

Tour guide review:

Gene and Barb are two of the most knowledgeable people I know in regards to storms. Very professional and make you feel very comfortable from the moment you step foot into their vehicle. They not only make the chase educational but also make the experience fun. You will learn a lot but also laugh a lot while doing it.

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Jennifer Giordano

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