Linda de Klein
James Hart

Review of "Tour Four" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

My experience with Storm Group Chasers was nothing short of awesome. The thoughtfulness and expertise shown by Peter and his crew during our week together was so very impressive. We saw amazing weather (of course!) and had such a relaxed and entertaining time together as a group. I cannot wait to get out there and do it all over again!

Vehicle review:

We were in a Chevy Suburban. While I like it more than the usual van configuration, the very back seat is not comfortable and has no windows that open. We were fair about trading off days in the "kids' seat" in the back, but a bigger vehicle would have been better for six adults and their gear.

Tour guide review:

Peter showed incredible expertise and chose his paths very wisely during our week together. He makes sure that we are all safe first and foremost, but is never afraid to head after the weather when it beckons to get the best views and the best light for photography.

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Linda de Klein
James Hart

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