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Review of "Megan Baca" by Tempest Tours

  • Review by: Megan Baca
  • Tour Operator: Tempest Tours
  • Tour: Megan Baca
  • Year: 2016
  • Validated: This review has been validated.

General review

Got to take a tour with the Founder and President, Martin Lisius. We met in Arlington, Texas and went up to Oklahoma and back down towards Mineral Wells. He told me I was lucky to see so many supercells on my first chase. We got to watch two supercells merge together. One even produced a tornado before merging. I loved it so much I went on another single day tour a few months later. That one produced an incredible lightning show!

Vehicle review:

Tour guide review:

Martin Lisius was very knowledgable about everything storm chasing. From forecasting to safety, I got the whole experience.

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Beau Liening
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