Review of "Tour 7 - Violent Skies" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

Incredible experience that I will never forget. Erik and Adam put us on the storm's that delivered the most amazing structures and lightning and even though we didn't see a tornado this time, they certainly showed us storms that didn't disappoint!. They definately have the knowledge and the instinct to get us on the right storms. Had a great time with the small group which by the end felt like family and I have made friends for life.The tour was very professional and was made welcome from before the tour even started due to the great communication by Erik.I didn't mind the long hours in the car at all, Erik and Adam made us laugh and have fun. Looking forward to coming back for another tour!

Vehicle review:

The van was comfortable to travel in, plenty of leg room. Well set up to be able to enter and exit quickly and safely. Enjoyed watching the screen in the back to follow what they were discussing about the storm's. Great being able to control the temperature in the back by ourselves.

Tour guide review:

They did a lot of researching every night to make sure they got us into the right position and when there were no storms predicted, they made sure we were happy and did other activities that we all enjoyed. They had a great sense of humour and you could see how passionate they are about chasing and it made the experience that much better

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