Jason Weigwart
Rob Embury

Review of "Tour Six" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

Easy to get over excited as a newbie to chasing storms and justifiably so! What an excellent experience. Peter Wharton, leading StromGroup Chasers was a commensurate professional. He not only gave thorough briefings setting the scene of storm formation and what it means to 'chase' but kept the info coming throughout the various chases too. As a new comer I couldn't have asked for more. For those more experienced it strikes me you would be in very good company. The downtime was also highly enjoyable with a lot of laughs and the odd midnight gathering to enjoy some spectacular lightening shows. I can't recommend Peter nightly enough and this won't be my last chase with Peter

Vehicle review:

Chevy Suburban LT. Ideal for the trip but does require all parties to not only get in to the spirit of chasing but follow the guidelines on packing! Up to 11 hours a day in vehicle was more than comfortable helped by reasonably frequent stops. No complaints

Tour guide review:

Peter was professional, knew his subject intimately and was an excellent communicator. He had all the right gear to ensure we knew where the weather was and seemed to have a sixth sense about which storm to chase. He made everyone feel comfortable, part of a team and catered for all levels of experience

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Jason Weigwart
Rob Embury

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