Marcus Hustedde

storm chaser marcus hustedde
Kinney Adams
Tyler Mleynek
I have always had a passion for weather from a very young age. After playing baseball up to junior college level at Southwest Illinois College, I decided it was time to pursue my true passion of weather. I received my bachelors in science with a major in Meteorology in the spring of 2013 from SLU. This only ignited my passion further as I realized I wanted to learn beyond what my undergraduate degree had to offer. This fall I am starting my masters in atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. My main focus will be understanding the dynamics within a supercell thunderstorm as well as the external influences that can impact the evolution of the storm. I will also be getting involved with lightning research. Storm chasing is one of my favorite things to do because it brings what I learn in the classroom to life.


Tour operator: Silver Lining Tours


Merits: Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology



Started chasing: 2012

Kinney Adams
Tyler Mleynek

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