Nick Drieschman

Kevin Rolfs
Seth Price
Nick Drieschman began his interest in storms at an early age traveling the high plains and prairies to Canada for summer trips with his parents and founded his passion for severe weather watching twin waterspouts with his Grandfather at the age of nine. Nick decided to persue storm chasing as a full time passion in 2012 but honed his skills chasing monsoon season thunderstorms near his home town of San Diego since 2001 and soon began putting all of his efforts into being able to chase storms in both the high prairies and plains, from Canada to Texas. Nick has completed numerous weather related training programs and classes. Still and time lapse photography are his priorities when chasing while aiding in the warning process when possible. Currently Nick has created a buzz about his photographic work and is now based in Norman Oklahoma as a veteran guide and co-owner of Extreme Tornado Tours while acting as a storm chaser partner for Reed Timmer. Nick is proud to be a part of the worlds most exciting storm chasing tour company.


Role: Tour guide, Director

Tour operator: Extreme Tornado Tours





Started chasing:

Kevin Rolfs
Seth Price

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