Seth Price

Alec Scholten
Kelly DeLay
Seth has held a lifelong interest in meteorology, chasing his first storm back in 2001. He has led and co-led multiple storm chase tours for college student clubs and high school classes. He has given several storm chase presentations at regional meteorology conferences, has several storm chasing articles published, and wrote a biweekly weather column for a local newspaper. He has made several television appearances related to his storm chasing. Seth also teaches instrumentation at an accredited engineering school, possesses an Amateur Extra class amateur radio license (N3MRA), and holds a MS in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.


Role: Tour guide, Director

Tour operator: High Plains Tours


Merits: Virginia Tech storm chase team 2003-2006, New Mexico Tech storm chase team 2007-2009, Skywarn trained, amateur radio license (N3MRA), Mississippi State University meteorology student



Started chasing: 2001

Alec Scholten
Kelly DeLay

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