Tested and recommended

I, Christoffer Björkwall, have chased with six different storm chasing tour companies since my first tour in 2009. I have been an active member on each tour and I now, most likely, have the best experience in the world when it comes to understanding and comparing storm chasing tour companies.

I have tested the following tour companies:

The links above lead to my blog where I have written about my experiences with each tour company.

In terms of being recommended by StormChasingUSA.com the following needs to be fulfilled:

  • Good tour guide, dedicated and skilled enough to find the storms
  • Safety in all aspects
  • Good service
  • Overall good experience

If I would find a tour company to acting in an unsafe manner, constantly making decisions that negatively impacts the chances of finding storms, having bad service or in general acting unprofessional – the tour company will not be recommended by StormChasingUSA.com.

All of the tour companies I have chased with, as mentioned above, are tour companies I can recommend and know you will have a good chase tour with. They are all different and depending on your needs you may want to select one over another but these are all tour companies I trust.

Outside of these tour companies I have also had a booking with Weather Gods (in 2013), that I can not recommend. You can read my motivation here.

If you run a tour company and want me to test a tour of yours, please contact me at christoffer@stormchasingusa.com.

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