Competetitive rates compared to other private tours. A storm chaser and atmospheric modeler.-Chasing.Tours

Chasing.Tours is a tour company that primarily offer private tours, on-call tours, media tours and not scheduled group tours.

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Robert Edmonds (tour guide, director)
Vehicles used
  • pds storm tours truck
  • pds van chase vehicle
Why choose Chasing.Tours?
Tornado intercept rate more than 2X higher when compared against an MU survey. A less expensive option for a small group. Private individualized attention to your interests.
Company name
Storm Chase Guide()

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Name: Bill
Tour: Tour is not registered
Year: 2011

General review

I was fortunate enough to have robert call me up on a extremely rare chase day. there were going to be tornadoes everywhere according to the spc. Im no meteorologist, but i know enough to know a good chase day. We went out together and i felt like we were old friends. he is very good at what he does and i know because i have been out many times with others and that was exactly what they were, chasers. Robert is very adept at placing himself in position, not chasing. i felt comfortable enough with him to let him stay in my home. my only regret was my kids were not with me to see the 4 twisters we saw that day. He is a great guy, very humble. I would choose him above all others. i recommend him to anyone i know that wants to have a successful day of chasing. Call him first.
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  • Pauline Travers says:

    Could you please tell me how I can get in touch with Robert Edmonds?? I am interested in a photo he took in the Loreburn, Saskatchewan area of the multiple tornado funnels. I was wondering how I might be able to get a digital image that I could use to produce a larger scale print without distorting the image. I think that shot is so amazing. I just love it!!!


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