Northern Plains Photography Tour by Extreme Chase Tours


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  • Departure city: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Chase days: 10

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2014 2014-07-06 2014-07-15 3200
2016 2016-07-06 2016-07-15 3150
2017 2017-07-01 2017-07-02 3200

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Tour: Northern Plains Photography Tour
Year: 2009
Rating: 5 of 5

General review

If you are looking for a private and professional stormchasing tour don\'t bother looking anywhere else. These guys are the real deal! I have been with other stormchasing tour companies and just the way these guys interacted with us was so much better. We filmed over 8 tornadoes with Extreme Chase Tours in a week! These guys are the best in our book and will go above and beyond what is asked!

The thing my wife and I liked the most was the way Lanny and his staff interacted with us. I have personally been with 3 other tours companies and by far, this one was the most educational and fun. They explained everything from what we were seeing to actually teaching us how to read their radar. We learned more in 6 days with Extreme chase tours than we did with going on tour with others for 10 days.

It was truly a wonderful experience and one my wife and I plan on doing again in 2010!

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