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This website does not offer any tours at the moment (or no longer) and has been marked at StormChasingUSA.com as inactive.

Are you are looking for an unforgettable adventure? Are you looking for something really out of the ordinary, something you will remember for a lifetime? Have you been interested in severe weather? Then join us on a week long storm chasing tour and safely experience the most spectacular storms on earth in a Hummer. Massive supercells, brilliant lightning, gustnados, hail storms, and nature's most violent form of weather, the TORNADO!-H1 Intercept

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Tour Guides & Staff
No tour guides specified yet.
Vehicles used
  • H1 Hummer
Why choose H1 Intercept?
We are the only storm chasing company who drive Hummer trucks.
Company name
H1-Intercept Inc. (Waldorf, MD)

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