T5: High plains magic by Silver Lining Tours

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  • Departure city: Denver, Colorado
  • Chase days: 6

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Year Start date End date Price
2014 2014-06-01 2014-06-06 2400
2013 2013-06-02 2013-06-07 2350
2012 2012-06-03 2012-06-08 2250
2015 2015-05-31 2015-06-05 2450
2016 2016-05-29 2016-06-03 2500

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Name: Al Schwartz
Tour: T5: High plains magic
Year: 2014
Rating: 5 of 5

General review

We've gone on 8 tours now with SLT, which is testimony itself to how good they are. Roger Hill is a storm chasing veteran who has seen and documented nearly 700 tornadoes! (Twice as many as some others who claim to have seen the most). We've seen T's on 7 of our 8 tours going back to 2008. Roger has that knack for being on the right storm. The rest of the crew and the drivers are excellent. The vans hold 6 customers each, so everyone has a window view. And we stay at decent hotels such as Holiday Inn Express, Hampton, and Wyndham whenever available.

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