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Tour: Tour #3
Year: 2009
Rating: 5 of 5

General review

This was my first storm chasing tour. I researched a lot of companies before deciding on The content that was availble on the website was truly incredible. They didn't just offer video clips and dates. The website was extremely informative. So much so that every question I had as a "newbie" was answered.

Unfortunately May 2009 wasn't exactly the greatest month for storm chasing. Arrival day was May 10th. Departure day was May 16th. We were fortunate enough to see a funnel cloud, a squall line with the most incredible shelf cloud I've ever seen. We even experienced how strong a RFD (rear flank downdraft) really could be.

Down time was to be expected, but I certainly wasn't dissapointed. Side trips were took us to the NWS in Norman, a Oklahoma City Red Hawks Triple A baseball game and the Oklahoma City Memorial (something I will never forget). Brian Barnes, our tour director, was extremely informative and did not hesitate to answer any questions I had. I still talk to him today....both as a friend and a tremendous source of knowledge. Our group was small (6 people including Brian). Everyone got along really well which was a blessing. Never once did Brian make me feel like I was "bothering" him whenever I asked a question. He definately made my first chasing experience one that I will remember forever.

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    I researched several companies a few years ago when i planned my first storm tour. UNFORTUNATELY I chose BRIAN BARNES. Although he was prompt with getting back to me, as soon as he got my deposit I never heard from him again. I called him off the hook after finding out on facebook the he has a reputation of taking peoples money and not showing up for the tours. I later met a couple while chasing with a different company that told me BRIAN BARNES NEVER SHOWED UP for the tour and was impossible to get in touch with. who the hell do you think you are BRIAN? Hopefully I see you on the road someday PUNK!

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