Memorial Week Tour by Tempest Tours in 2009

  • Starts: 2009-05-24 (This tour has already been executed)
  • Ends: 2009-05-29
  • Price: $2095
  • Chase days: 6
  • Price per day: $349 / day
  • Departure city: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Description: No description available
  • Tour guides: No tour guides specified yet.
  • Vehicles used No vehicles specified yet.

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Name: Mark J. Dempsey
Tour: Memorial Week Tour
Year: 2009
Blogged about the tour: Read more

General review

What a great group! What a great tour. I toured with Tempest last year and liked it so much I came back this year and did two tours in a row. Jennifer Dunn is a great meteorologist and terrific driver and always ready to answer any questions. Dr. Bob Conzemius was empassioned and funny and a PhD. Brian Morganti was soooo serene and got us to a storm every single day. He's all around pretty amazing and easy to be with. And then there's Bill Reid. Wow! Like Brian he also got us to a storm every day. He was the leader of two of the three tours I took (Brian being the lead on the other tour). Bill is way zen! His combination of experience, science and gut is organic and right. It's difficult to find the words, but he's certainly one of the best out there by far. Last but not least there's Doug Rafik who not only acted as one of our guides, an amazing driver too, but also taught me how to use my camera. I am indebted to him. To all of these passionate professionals who made me feel less a freak for the love of the storm! One more thing. I called several groups in November of 2007 to find out about what a trip like this would be like and Tempest was the most informative and got back to me the soonest. That's why I chose them to begin with.

Tour guide review

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Vehicle review

The vans seat 8 people and are very comfortable. There really isn't a bad view. Also they don't mark them up with advertising. The vans are plain white allowing for discretion in the chase.
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