Tour Six by StormGroup Chasers in 2014

  • Starts: 2014-06-16 (This tour has already been executed)
  • Ends: 2014-06-22
  • Price: $1700
  • Chase days: 7
  • Price per day: $242 / day
  • Departure city: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Description: No description available
  • Tour guides: Peter Wharton
  • Vehicles used
    • Chevy Suburban (usually)

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    Name: Don
    Tour: Tour Six
    Year: 2014
    Blogged about the tour: Read more

    General review

    This was my first year chasing and I am hooked. Despite being late in the season, every afternoon delivered another jaw-dropping encounter with a gigantic, beautiful, swirling storm. I saw the most intense lightning display I've ever seen, and was introduced to many types of weather I'd never imagined. Our leader, Peter Wharton, gets full credit for getting us into the right places at the right times. He demonstrated a great mixture of knowledge, planning, instinct and caution that kept us excited, but never scared. I am a landscape photographer, and came away from the trip with images that have inspired more positive reaction than almost any other work I've made. I've already signed up for next year.

    Tour guide review

    In response to the photographers on board, Peter successfully led us to the best vantage points and light rather than into the more extreme parts of the storms. Peter's top priority was storm chasing, but we always managed to find comfortable and reasonably priced places to eat and sleep (given the available options). He was also very good about making time for interesting local sights along the way, and knows all the good breakfast joints.

    Vehicle review

    We travelled with six people in a Suburban, so there was plenty of room for gear and personal items. I'm sure having a smaller vehicle allowed much more flexibility in planning, and the ability to satisfy personal requests. That said, Peter was happy to drive an extra hour or two to get to the best storms, so there were days I would have liked a nice rock-band tour bus with beds and a kitchen.
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