Adventure One

weather adventures
Tradd White Van
Yukon Xl
2013 Chevrolet Express 15-passenger Van. Safety Features: - Full shoulder seat belts for every guest. - Reflective tape & signage on exterior of vehicle. - Side passenger airbags - Illuminated flashing cone for night/low visibility situations - Full First Aid Kit Comfort/Additional Features: - Multiple overhead air conditioning vents in each row - Complimentary Wi-Fi - SiriusXM Satellite Radio - Ice Cooler with complimentary bottled water & room for personal drinks -

Wifi: Yes

Entertainment system: Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, Center-mounted Laptop Screen for models/radar/movies

Window seats guaranteed: Yes

Number of seats: 15

Max number of guests in vehicle: 6

Tour operator: Weather Adventures

Tradd White Van
Yukon Xl

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