My best lightning shots

It was not until my third storm chasing tour where I bought a tripod in order to be able to take some lightning shots. I bought it at WalMart for about $15 and it was among the cheapest ones but it did the trick. Using the BULB feature on my Canon I was able to...
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Why you need to bring your iPhone on your storm chasing trip

Yesterday I brought up a fun way to play with your iPhone panorama functionality but the panorama functionality is really useful for your storm photos as well. I assume there is a similar functionality on Android as well but I don’t know (I only have an iPhone). I learned about panorama shooting from Mike Ricciardi...
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Different cool clouds that you might NOT see on a storm chasing tour

This blog typically mentions cool things you may experience on a storm chasing trip. Even though may see lenticular clouds (at least on top of quickly developing storms) or maybe arcus clouds you will have to be very lucky to see something like this (Edit: link has been removed as target website is gone). Beautiful!
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Tornadic supercell – as seen from above (space)

Have you ever wondered how a tornado would look like from above the cloud? Well, it would look like a typical supercell (i.e. not really like a hurricane with a big hole in the middle). This animated gif shows really weall how it looks like (as a time-lapse) when storms pop-up over a few counties....
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Face in the clouds

I took this photo outside Canadian, TX, back in 2009 while driving away from a storm that was dying out. This portion of the cloud instantly caught my eye since it was an almost perfect face in the clouds.   …and a zoomed in and higher contrast-version of the same photo.
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Five day tour with PDS Storm Tours

This blog entry was originally written on my personal blog and directed (simplified) to my friends (who don’t know anything about storm chasing). I have translated it as it was and left it with no major editing. This was my second trip and I didn’t know that much about storm chasing at the time. I...
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Day 14 – A puny tornado

We went down to Texas our last day and Iā€™m now on my way home from there. I will have about 2 hours sleep before I go to the airport and then back to Stockholm. We ended Day 13 at a gimmick Texas theme restaurant ā€“ The Great Texan. They had bull cojones (“mountain mushrooms”)...
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Day 12 – Photogenic storms

Day 12 turned out to be a classic Storm Chase-day. We went to Colorado in the morning and drove toward a promising storm, but the roads were not in the same direction as the storm so we got behind and inside the storm again, which meant rain and poor visibility. Fortunately, the storms pops up...
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Day 6 – Supercells and sunsets

We continued to drive towards to the storm that had created the tornado earlier in the afternoon. It still had a strong rotation which created a super cell with a beautiful round shape with different layers. We drover in underneath the base hoping for more tornadoes but the supply had run out, I guess šŸ™‚...
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Day 6 – Funnel cloud

I do not remember if it was the same storm with the tornado that we ended up by a bit later again, but I believe it was. We stopped out on a field where a wall cloud came in slowly and majestically. It was the perfect arrangement for a beautiful tornado, but the rotation was...
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