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Thank you for checking out Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing Tours here on Storm Chasing USA! At Tornadic Expeditions we provide unmatched customer service and accommodations to our guests. We offer 10, 7 and 6-day tours and on-call single day tours. Our storm chasing vacations are limited to 4 seats on most tours and 8 seats (4 seats per van) on select tours. This allows for a FUN, private, personal and comfortable chase experience. The tour van is state of the art with two sources of mobile wifi, power to charge your electronics and a rear monitor to display radar and GPS location. The monitor is also used for entertainment during long drives. Window seats to the action for everyone! We also keep a Yeti cooler with bottled water and snacks! We spend quality time with our guests. You will never be left in the dark! Updates are provided throughout the day during each chase and we'll educate on forecasting, storm anatomy, chase strategy, radar interpretation and much more! You can never ask us too many questions! Experienced. Meteorology and forecasting is our passion. Producing quality forecast for each chase day is of extreme importance. We have the knowledge to get you in areas of tornado potential each day mother nature offers it. Our video has been featured on every national news outlet in the US and many TV programs. Our 2018 tours were amazing with tornadoes and supercells observed from near the Mexico border to nearly Canada! We are reviewed and highly recommended by Storm Chasing USA. Please check out our reviews below from our guests! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Please visit our website and contact us if you have any questions or to book your next storm chasing adventure. It's Time to Chase Your Dreams! Experienced, Fun and Personal - Tornadic Expeditions Storm Chasing Tours.

Price: $325

Price type: Per day and person

Tour guide feed included in price: Yes

Vehicle included in price: Yes

Gas included in price: Yes

Special terms:

Tour guide: Erik Burns

Vehicle: TE Tour Van

Departure city: Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

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