Jim Kennedy

Having grown up in the North East and living through the Blizzard of 77, Jim has always been fascinated with weather. However it wasn’t until 5/21/96 that he knew that Storms would be the passion that drove him. Experiencing his first face to face with Mother Nature’s Fury on Route 3 just outside of Bedford Massachusetts, It was then that he knew Severe Weather would be the life for him. From that point forward if there was weather Jim was on it. From Severe Storms, Tornadoes and Lightning to Hurricanes and Earthquakes and everything in between, When there was a chance for weather Jim was chasing. From New England to AZ and all points North and South Jim has seen it all. As seen on Discovery, National Geographic, CBC, French 5 TV and French 2 TV and several other Media outlets, As well as his then weekly Internet Radio broadcast Survival Radio, Jim’s Survival Knowledge has been spread around the globe. Having spent from 1996 until now chasing Severe Weather, Jim has witnessed The very best and worst that Mother Nature had to offer up close and personal. The next logical step in his journey was to bring that excitement and adrenaline rush safely to you. So Begins Ultimate Tornado Tours LLC and Ultimate Tourz. This well oiled machine is designed to safely bring the weather to your doorstep so to speak.

E-mail: Jim@ultimatetourz.com


Tour operator: Ultimate Tornado Tours

Website: https://www.ultimatetourz.com

Merits: 21 years of chasing the best and worst Mother Nature has to offer. North to South, East to West Jim has experienced it all safely right up close and personal.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ultimatetourz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ultimatetourz/

Started chasing: 1996

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