All storm chasing tours – prices, dates, companies etc

This is a list of all storm chasing tours existing at the moment. Note that some of them could already be full. Refer to the tour company website to see if a tour is full or not.

Tour OperatorTour NameChase DaysStart DateEnd datePrice
Central Plains Chasing Tours Example tour for testing72020-06-012020-06-071000Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours Tour Number 662020-06-072020-06-121400Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure III42020-05-112020-05-141400Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure IV42020-05-152020-05-181400Finished
Silver Lining Tours May Minitour42020-05-172020-05-201550Finished
Extreme Tornado Tours Tour 152020-04-142020-04-182000Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure V62020-05-192020-05-242000Finished
Silver Lining Tours Desert Thunder #172020-08-032020-08-092200Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours Desert Thunder #272020-08-112020-08-172200Upcoming
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours Tour Number 162020-05-032020-05-082300Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours Tour Number 262020-05-102020-05-152300Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours Tour Number 362020-05-172020-05-222400Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours Tour Number 462020-05-242020-06-292400Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours Tour Number 562020-05-312020-06-052400Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 5 - Tornado Max Discovery Tour62020-06-012020-06-062400Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 8 - Tornado USA Tour62020-06-282020-07-032400Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 9 - July Twister Tour62020-07-052020-07-102400Finished
Tornadic Expeditions Upslope Supercells - Tour 6 - 6 Days62020-06-082020-06-132400Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure I72020-04-272020-05-032500Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure II72020-05-042020-05-102500Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure VI72020-05-252020-05-312500Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure VII72020-06-012020-06-072500Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure VIII72020-06-082020-06-152500Finished
Silver Lining Tours T5 High Plains Magic62020-05-312020-06-052550Finished
Silver Lining Tours T6 High CAPE62020-06-072020-06-122550Finished
Silver Lining Tours T7 Sculpted Supercell62020-06-142020-06-192550Finished
Silver Lining Tours T8 Rolling Prairies Lecture62020-06-212020-06-262650Finished
Tornadic Expeditions Epic April - Tour 1 - 7 Days72020-04-212020-04-272650Finished
Tornadic Expeditions Extreme Instability* - Tour 5 - 7 Days72020-05-302020-06-052650Finished
Tornadic Expeditions May Madness - Tour 2 - 7 Days72020-04-302020-05-062650Finished
Tornadic Expeditions The Extreme - Tour 3 - 7 Days72020-05-092020-05-152650Finished
Extreme Tornado Tours Tour 252020-04-212020-04-272700Finished
Extreme Tornado Tours Tour 372020-04-302020-05-062700Finished
Extreme Tornado Tours Tour 472020-05-092020-05-152700Finished
Extreme Tornado Tours Tour 672020-05-312020-06-062700Finished
Extreme Tornado Tours Tour 772020-06-102020-06-162700Finished Tour #162020-05-102020-05-152700Finished Tour #262020-05-172020-05-222700Finished Tour #362020-05-242020-05-292700Finished Tour #462020-06-072020-06-122700Finished Tour #562020-06-142020-06-192700Finished Tour #662020-06-212020-06-262700Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 4 - Memorial Holiday Tornado Tour72020-05-232020-06-292730Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 7 - June Tornado Bliss Tour72020-06-202020-06-262730Finished
Silver Lining Tours SLT Photo Tour #362020-06-282020-07-032750Finished
Silver Lining Tours T2 Caprock Magic72020-05-032020-05-092750Finished
Silver Lining Tours SLT Photo Tour #262020-05-312020-06-052900Finished
Silver Lining Tours T3 Great Plains Cyclone72020-05-112020-05-172950Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 1 - Tornado Outbreak Tour82020-04-232020-04-303040Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 2 - Early May Tornado Tour82020-05-022020-05-093040Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 7B - Late June Small Group Twister Tour72020-06-202020-06-273130Finished
Silver Lining Tours SLT Photo Tour #172020-05-222020-05-283200Finished
Tornadic Expeditions Northern Expedition - Tour 8 - 10 Days102020-07-082020-07-173450On-going
Tornadic Expeditions Violent Skies - Tour 7 - 10 Days102020-06-192020-06-283450Finished
Extreme Tornado Tours Tour 5102020-05-182020-05-273600Finished
Tornadic Expeditions Prime Intensity - Tour 4 - 10 Days102020-05-182020-05-273650Finished
Silver Lining Tours T9 Great North Tornado Hunt102020-07-122020-07-223699Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours T1 Close Encounters Tour102020-04-222020-05-013700Finished
Silver Lining Tours T4 Prime Time102020-05-192020-05-283950Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 3 - Tornado Bliss Tour112020-05-112020-05-213960Finished
Tempest Tours Tour 6 - We Got Cows Tour112020-06-082020-06-183960Finished

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