Hurricane chasing tours / safaris

If you want to try other types of storm chasing tours there are a few storm chasing tour companies that also offers “hurricane chasing”. Hurricane chasing is quite different to the type of storm chasing adventures in the great plains that focuses on. You chase differently and the set-up for booking a tour is also quite different.

There are, for example, no scheduled tours for hurricane chasing. While there is almost at least one severe thunderstorm in the Midwest everyday during the spring, hurricanes are not nearly as common.

For this reason, hurricane tours are always on an “on-call” basis. Basically, you sign up as being interested in going on a tour and if a hurricane is about to strike the US coastline, you have about 3-5 days to get to the location.

With such short notice and with no scheduled tours, hurricane tours are typically offered as private tours (i.e. not group tours). There might be a chance of splitting the cost with other guests, but refer to each tour company if this is possible.

Book a hurricane storm chasing tour

The following tour companies offer hurricane storm chasing:

  • Extreme Chase Tours
  • Silver Lining Tours
  • Hurricane Chase Safaris with Richard Horodner

This is not a very extensive list so if you know of other tour companies offering hurricane chasing tours, please do inform me at or through the comments.

Please note that the information in this article may contain errors and may not be applicable to the tour you may go with. If you find an error or similar, please write a comment about it.

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