Storm chasing tour companies

This is a list of storm chasing tour operators that offer scheduled storm chasing group tours. Click on each tour operator to find out more about their tours.

Note: Every tour company in the table below has a window seat guarantee meaning you will not be stuck in a center seat with no good visibility. Also, every tour company have a dedicated tour guide and a dedicated driver so that the driver is not responsible for BOTH driving and checking radar etc (which could be a traffic hazard).

Tour Company7 day tour pricePrice RangeTested by StormChasingUSAMax nbr of guestsEst.
Cloud 9 Tours1500**30002009181996
Extreme Chase Tours2350*2200 - 29002014/201581999
Extreme Tornado Tours27002700 - 3600-122007
F5 Tornado Safaris37503750-121999
Silver Lining Tours2700*2500 - 36002018181997
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours2567*2300-121997
StormGroup Chasers1850***1850-2675-42011
Tempest Tours26001395 - 33452012132000
Tornadic Expeditions26002300 - 3650201642014
Tornado Hunters31213400-6-
Twisted Sky Tours26502000 - 3600-62014
Weather Adventures2538*1750 - 3600201862014

Prices are in USD. If no data exists it means that no tours have been submitted to our database for the current year.

7 day tour price: This gives you an understanding of the prices of the tours the company offers. If the tour company offers a 7 day tour price, this is the price. If not, this is the calculated price according to "price/day x 7" of another tour with the nearest amount of chase days. If there are 6 and 8 chase days, the price is an average of these tour prices. Also, if the tour company offers different 7 day tours with different prices this is the lowest price.

* = There are no 7 day tours. This is a calculated price
** = Price is calculated from a 14 day tour
*** = Price is based on an average hotel cost of $75 per person

Price range: Price range from the lowest value to the highest value.

Tested & Recommended: have tested, and can recommend, this tour company. The year(s) is the year of the tour(s). Click the link to read the blog entries about this tour.

Max nbr of guests: The maximum number of guests on a given tour. This is not necessarily how many guests there are in on vehicle! It is typically better with fewer people on each tour but more people also means more people to interact with.

Established: When did this tour company have its first commercial tour. If a tour company has been around for many years, it is usually a sign of quality and reliability.

Special and private tours

There are numerous other, often smaller, storm chasing tour companies that do not run scheduled tours for the public like the tour companies mentioned in the list above. Examples of these "Special tours" are tours, that may or may not have set schedules but have special pricing or special admittance of guests. 

You find the list of all these special and private tours in this list as well as private tours run by major tour companies as well. 

Cannot find a specific tour operator here?

If you are looking for a specific tour operator but cannot find it here, it could mean that they are currently inactive or out of business.

It could also be that this is a tour operator have decided not to cooperate with. If you are running a new storm chasing tour company and want to be listed here, read more about how to register here.

Please note that the information in this article may contain errors and may not be applicable to the tour you may go with. If you find an error or similar, please write a comment about it.