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Super deals of 2020

Tour CompanyTourChase daysStart dateEnd dateOriginal pricePrice NOW (Discount)
Tornadic ExpeditionsTour 172020-04-202020-04-28$2.650$2.250
Tornadic ExpeditionsTour 8102020-07-072020-07-18$3.450$3.050
Tempest ToursTour 7B72020-07-202020-07-27$3.130$2.930*
Storm Chasing Adventure ToursTour 162020-05-032020-05-09$2.700$2.300**
Storm Chasing Adventure ToursTour 262020-05-102020-05-16$2.700$2.300**
F5! Tornado SafarisTour 172020-05-172020-05-23$3.595$3.195*
F5! Tornado SafarisTour 272020-05-242020-05-30$3.595$3.195*

This table shows great, and specific, deals for tours in 2020. The table will be updated as the season gets closer, sometimes with great Last Minute Deals but beware that tours also get sold out!

*This price is only offered with the voucher code "stormchasingusa"

**The original discount is $300 but with the voucher code "stormchasingusa" you get an additional $100 to a total of $400 discount.

What is

Storm Chasing USA provides you with unbiased information, reviews and comments of storm chasing tours . You can easily compare prices, reviews and read experiences from other storm chasing tour guests. We keep you updated with the latest tours and provide you with lots of articles of things you may need to know before you book your storm chasing tour.

Storm chasing (also referred to as tornado chasing tours, tornado safaris or storm safaris) with organized tours is a rapidly growing tourism industry where experienced storm chasers guide adventurers and tourists to amazing severe weather. The hunt for tornadoes, super cells, hail, lightning etc goes all over the midwestern states of USA. The tours are usually between 5-10 days in order to maximize your chances of seeing Mother Nature in her worst mood.

Storm Chasing usually takes place in the spring, around May-June, but you can go chasing in April and July as well. The tour could take you from the Rocky Mountains in the West to the East coast and from the Mexican border in the South up to the Canadian border in the North. The nature of weather makes it impossible to know where you will be any given day. will help you towards an experience of a lifetime, that will become truly addicting. is not a Tour company, we just provide the information about the tour companies and their tours.

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If you are new to storm chasing you may want to read up a little bit about what storm chasing really means or why you should go storm chasing in the first place!

When you have gotten excited about storm chasing and want to look further into prices, booking etc. you may want to start by reading what to consider before you book your storm chasing tour and then start looking for storm chasing tours the coming season.

Our recommendation is to choose 1-3 tours or tour operators that you believe will be suitable for your needs and look them up further. Compare their prices and offerings and select one. When you have booked a tour make sure you check out our recommended pack list and advices before you book your flight.

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You are kindly requested to contribute to the material on this site by writing reviews and comments that shed light on the experiences you have had on a tour. The reviews are an excellent way of telling other storm chasers if you have had a good, or bad, experience with a tour operator.

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Who's running StormChasingUSA?

christoffer My name is Christoffer Björkwall and storm chasing is my greatest passion in life. I am a Swedish storm chaser specialized in storm chasing tours.

Since 2009 I have chased with 8 different tour companies and thus have a knowledge about the storm chasing tour companies like no other in the world.

I have been featured in national Swedish media such as Sveriges Radio P3 "Morgonpasset", Expressen, Kvällsposten, Café Magazine and

I live in Skanör in the southernmost tip of Sweden with my fiancée and two kids. We get very few thunderstorms here but I try to chase for water spouts in the summer.


Current deals & discounts

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Valid until: 2020-08-01

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Discount applies to: All available tours by Extreme Nature Tours

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$400 off on ALL remaining seats!

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$100 off with voucher code

Valid until: 2020-08-01

Description: Get a $100 off on all remaining Tempest Tours 2020 tours with the voucher code "stormchasingusa". 

Discount applies to: All available tours by Tempest Tours


$200 off on Tour 7B with voucher code

Valid until: 2020-06-20

Description: Tour 7 was so popular Tempest Tours decided to add another tour: 7B (between June 20th and June 27th). For this tour, and this tour only, you get $200 off with the voucher code "stormchasingusa".

Discount applies to: Available for Tour 7B - Late June Small Group Twister Tour


$500 discount for new tour guests on F5! Tornado safaris

Valid until: 2020-06-01

Description: F5! Tornado Safaris are offering a $500 (!) discount for NEW clients to F5! Tornado Safaris using the voucher code "stormchasingusa" (or mentioning StormChasingUSA as the source).

Discount applies to: All available tours by F5! Tornado Safaris


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