Deals and discounts on storm chasing trips and tours

Most storm chasing tour companies offer standard discounts on every tour, usually for things as shared rooms etc. On this page, however, you will find tours that are temporarily discounted and other deals. It could be for early sign-ups, last minute deals or similar.

Outside of the normal discounts from each tour operator, these are a few time-limited deals offered by the different tour operators.


Discounts offered for different storm chasing tours

$100 off with voucher code

Valid until: 2022-08-01

Description: Get a $100 off on all remaining Tempest Tours 2022 tours with the voucher code "stormchasingusa". 

Discount applies to: All available tours by Tempest Tours


$100 on all remaining tours in 2022

Valid until: 2022-08-01

Description: Silver Lining Tours offers a $100 discount on all remaining tours in 2022 if you use the STORMCHASINGUSA voucher code.

Discount applies to: All available tours by Silver Lining Tours


$50 off on all tours with voucher code

Valid until: 2022-08-01

Description: Using the voucher code "stormchasingusa" you get a $50 discount on all remaining tours of 2022!

Discount applies to: All available tours by Tornadic Expeditions


$100 off on Tour #2

Valid until: 2022-08-01

Description: Get $100 off on the Caprock Magic tour - a tour in one of the historically most intense weeks of the storm chasing season!

Discount applies to: Available for T2 Caprock Magic


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Cheapest tours by total tour price

If you are looking to go on a tour and if price is most important to you, this list shows the cheapest tours out there

Tours in 2022

Tour OperatorTour NamePrice
1Tornado AdventuresTornado Adventure III etc.$1599.99
2Silver Lining ToursMay Minitour$1600
3StormGroup ChasersTour One etc.$1850
4Twisted Sky ToursTour 2 - 5 Day$2050
5Extreme Tornado ToursSouthern Extreme Adventure Tour (Tour 1)$2200
6Silver Lining ToursDesert Thunder$2250
7Tornado AdventuresTornado Adventure V$2299.99
8Extreme Chase ToursMayhem Tour 3 etc.$2300
9Tornado AdventuresTornado Adventure II etc.$2599.99
10Tornadic ExpeditionsUpslope Supercells - Tour 6 - 6 Days$2600

Cheapest tours by tour price per day

If you are looking to get the most tour days for your money, this list will show you which tours are the cheapest in terms of price per chase day.

Tours in 2022

Tour OperatorTour NamePrice / day
1Cloud 9 ToursTour 1 etc.$222
2StormGroup ChasersTour Four etc.$265
3Silver Lining ToursDesert Thunder$322
4Extreme Chase ToursGreat Plains Tour 2 etc.$338
5Extreme Chase ToursNorthern Plains Tour 1 etc.$350
6Silver Lining ToursT9 Great North Tornado Hunt$350
7Tornadic ExpeditionsNorthern Expedition - Tour 8 - 10 Days etc.$360
8Tornado AdventuresTornado Adventure II etc.$372
9Tornado AdventuresTornado Adventure I$372
10Extreme Tornado ToursHigh Risk Excursion Tour (Tour 5)$372

6 Responses
    1. is not a tour company itself but rather a comparison service. Chasing storms means you chase wherever the storms are, sometimes they are in Kansas, sometimes in other states. If you specifically, and only, want to chase in Kansas I suggest you have a look at day-tours.


    hello sir/madam,
    We are a chinese independent documentary team, ON THE ROAD TEAM. We are so interested in storm chasing, but our filming is scheduled for October and November, We’d like to consult you about the season, if it is possible to film in winter?


      There are storms all year around but April until June are the best. There is a second storm chasing season in the fall that could line well with October but I have never chased this second season as it is not nearly as reliable as the spring. In other words, you can find storms in October/November but they will be far apart and maybe not as powerful as in the spring, unless you get really lucky.


      That would be reasonable information to add in the future, but for now you will have to check their website. Sorry.

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