Drew Myer
Justin Pletsch

Review of "Super Storms Tour" by PDS Storm Tours

General review

Had a great time on my tour even if I didn't get to see a tornado. Saw some great cloud formations. Gene and Barb are great. They got us into the storms on the days we chased. On non-tour days they took our suggestions for things we wanted to go see. Only negative thing I have to say is I would have liked more explanations on what they were seeing on the radar and explanations of why they thought to go here or there but I do have to say I didn't ask questions either. I think I am hooked and hoping to go on a tour with PDS again next year and next year I will ask questions!

Vehicle review:

Vehicle was very comfortable and had wi-fi so we could use our devices to look at radar, check emails etc. We were all able to charge our devices during our drive.

Tour guide review:

Gene and Barb were great. Very friendly and down to earth. Like they have been your friend for years. Always had a story to tell. Very knowledgeable about the areas we were traveling. Found good hotels to stay in. Felt very safe. Saw some questionable actions from other tour groups on chase days but never once felt unsafe with Gene and Barb.

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Drew Myer
Justin Pletsch

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