Mark J. Dempsey
Lori Francis

Review of "Malcolm Stewart" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

Day 1 one of this Tour provided a textbook example of super cell development from it's genesis to anvil formation at 52,000'. Three tornadoes were observed that afternoon, including the Carney Wedge. No effort was spared to provide the Tour with the best opportunities for severe weather observation. On the occasional "blue sky" day spent positioning for the next weather event, opportunities were taken see some of the natural and historic features of the Great Plains. Overall, a very experienced and professional operation based on comprehensive understanding and analysis of severe weather and its origins.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle was comfortable, with each member of the Tour occupying a window seat.

Tour guide review:

Tour Guide Peter Wharton openly shared his views on the day's data analysis and his strategy for making the most of the opportunities. This made the experience both informative and satisfying. In addition, Peter was ever mindful of the group's comfort - even including a morning run to Starbuck's.

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Mark J. Dempsey
Lori Francis

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