Mark J. Dempsey
Lori Francis

Review of "Richard and Kathleen" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

A truly unique and awesome experience where you can meet people that share the same passion about severe weather. Lots of opportunity for amazing photography. I really appreciate the small group approach, no crazy lineups at restaurants or pit stops. Peter has all the tools and an uncanny ability to consistently predict and pinpoint the best storms. His track record for finding the tornado warned cells is the best. Peter runs these tours on a not-for-profit basis. Since his tours are driven by his passion for severe weather you're guaranteed to get the best experience possible. And at a cost well below the competition. We are returning in 2014.

Vehicle review:

Tour vehicle was Chevy Suburban, 2 drivers and 4 guests. Comfortable and lots of room for those long days on the road. Everyone gets a window seat.

Tour guide review:

His small group approach gives everyone a window seat and an opportunity to communicate, be involved, learn and ask questions. In multi vehicle groups your driver may not know that much about severe weather. With the one vehicle everyone knows what's going on as it happens. If there was bad weather anywhere, Peter will find it. If by chance there is no bad weather at all, then Peter would take us to see some natural or historical landmarks while positioning us for the next day.

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Mark J. Dempsey
Lori Francis

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