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Review of "Adam" by StormGroup Chasers

  • Review by: Adam
  • Tour Operator: StormGroup Chasers
  • Tour: Adam
  • Year: 2012
  • Validated: This review has been validated.

General review

I'll shortly be going on my 5th storm chasing trip having been on my first in 2006. I went with StormGroup Chasers in 2012 as they were offering a different experience to the other tour operators I'd been with before (I think I've "outgrown" them)and will be coming back for more with them this year. I also saved in the region of $1000 on the trip which is a bonus. So what's different? You get a great storm chasing experience but combined with a well thought out and engaging road trip. Bearing in mind the 3000 or so miles travelled in a week there's so much more to the Plains than just storms (don't worry you will see some) and cliched tourist stops: great scenery, photo opportunities, quality food stops and picnics, meeting the interesting and friendly folk of the Mid-West - in short some authentic Americana. SGC also has a lot of returners so there's usually a lot of experienced travellers to share stories and photos with. You also have the advantage of being on an agile tour with only 6 of you which makes for easier chasing. On this tour you're not just a "passenger".

Vehicle review:

A well maintained V8 powered Suburban, Couldn't go back to a bottom numbing van! Plenty of room and comfortable.

Tour guide review:

I've known Peter since 2008 and this year's driver Glenn since 2006. They are very experienced and Peter will get you safely to view storms. Last time I saw super cells with amazing structures and rotating wall clouds, gustnadoes, hail fog, stunning lighting, mammatus clouds, and breathtaking sunsets

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