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Review of "Joe" by PDS Storm Tours

  • Review by: Joe
  • Tour Operator: PDS Storm Tours
  • Tour: Joe
  • Year: 2012
  • Validated: This review has been validated.

General review

This was my first time out in "tornado alley" and I was not disappointed! We saw 7 tornadoes in one afternoon! They did a great job at getting close but not too close, never felt like we were in danger! Safety was definitely high on their priority list. It was a long drive, but we covered a lot of ground and saw some amazing sights! They were very professional and friendly, taking the time to point out storm development and the "little things to watch for" as a tornado forms up.

Vehicle review:

It's a long drive, and we did make pit stops along the way, but grabbing a few snacks to keep with you doesn't hurt!

Tour guide review:

They were great! While one drove, the other one kept a close eye on the radar and road network, making sure we had options to get safely close.

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Brit Randolph
Liz Barton

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