Tour #3 by Cloud 9 Tours

  • Discounts:

    $500 discount for those who choose to share a room ($250 per person).

  • The staff on this tour is likely to be: Charles Edwards (Tour Guide / Director),
  • Departure city: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Chase days: 14

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Year Start date End date Price
2014 2014-06-01 2014-06-14 2900
2013 2013-06-02 2013-06-15 2900
2012 2012-06-03 2012-06-16 2900
2011 2011-06-05 2011-06-18 2800
2010 2010-05-30 2010-06-12 2800
2009 2009-05-31 2009-06-13 2800
2008 2008-06-01 2008-06-14 2700
2007 2007-06-03 2007-06-16 2600
2006 2006-05-28 2006-06-10 2600
2005 2005-06-05 2005-06-18 2500
2004 2004-05-30 2004-06-12 2400
2003 2003-06-01 2003-06-14 2250
2000 2000-06-05 2000-06-17 2000
2001 2001-06-04 2001-06-16 2150
2002 2002-06-02 2002-06-15 2350
2015 2015-06-01 2015-06-14 2900
2016 2016-05-29 2016-06-11 3000
2017 2017-06-03 2017-06-18 3000

Reviews of this tour

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Name: Christoffer Björkwall
Tour: Tour #3
Year: 2009
Rating: 4 of 5
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General review

I went on my first storm chasing tour ever with Charles & co in 2009 on Tour #3. The first two tours this year had been quite unlucky with several down days but we were really lucky with the weather. We managed to see everything from one spectacular tornado in Wyoming, some beautiful supercells, hail the size of oranges and so on.

Cloud 9 tours feels very friendly. It's, to some extent, like going on a tour with friends rather than a company (both for good and bad). I appreciated this but I guess it could be seen as somewhat unprofessional as well.

On the negative side, there was quite a difference between going in one van or the other. The driver in one van was always falling behind, which could be really frustrating when you are chasing a storm and every minute counts. When we found our tornado, our driver drove much, much further away from the tornado than Charles's van.

All in all, I truly recommend going with Cloud 9, you get a lot of bang for your bucks!

Tour guide

It is of course easier to have a tour when the weather is beneficial but I believe Charles Edwards and Cloud 9 made a good job finding the storms as well. I enjoyed this trip immensely and Charles was an excellent guide.

I appreciated that Charles was very eager to respond to my flood of questions. I learned quite a lot by asking but it would have been great to get some of this information beforehand as well.

Charles is, I have learned afterwards, very well-known and respected among storm chasers and I can see why. He is also a friendly, fun guy.


The vehicles were quite decent but still one downside of this tour. When we came in on tour #3 it seemed like they haven't had time to clean out the van from the previous tours. They were not dirty, but a bit messy.

Our tour was not full and I can't imagine sitting in one of those vans when they are full. You need a bit of extra space after 14 days in the van! I wouldn't mind having neck support in the seats either, both for comfort and safety.

I appreciated that they had WiFi and even a DVD-player. It was cool to be able to tell your friends back home to follow your trip through their web-cam as well.

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Tour: Tour #3
Year: 2012
Rating: 4 of 5

General review

Tour 3 June 2012. I planed this tour for a year following a less than average tour with Silverlining last year so Ill go from the start, no problems or difficulties with booking, paying for or organising this tour. All of my queries answered promptly, You wont meet a nicer guy than Charles Edwards, and he has a great way of conducting his business. The Guest Inn was fine, as were all but one of the motels we stayed in on the tour. Unfortunately we had a fairly quiet two weeks, only 5 chase days, and that would have been the same whoever I toured with. On those 5 days, supercells, lightning, flash floods, massive hail (and steaks),in fact if it was there to be experienced, boy did we experience it. I will say that I felt safe at all times but Charles is definitely not afraid to get in amongst it, even driving into a hail core that he knew was going to cost him a small fortune in windshields. It seemed also that his choice of overnight motel stops were based on where the weather might put on a show, with awesome overnight lightning most nights. There was only one thing that happened on tour that did not please me and I have to mention it in the interests of a fair review and that is on day 10 our driver drove us over a railway crossing when the barriers were down. I was most angry about this and did make mention to Charles. I dont think hed be silly enough to allow this to happen again SO I SAY.... Take it from a VERY hard to please Englishman, Book a tour with Cloud 9. You`ll love it. (no after event fuel surcharges either, shame on you Silverlining....)

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