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Book a storm chasing vacation with Brandon Ivey from Discovery Channel's StormChasers series. I will get you on the best storms! Brandon has been chasing tornadoes since 1997 and has a degree in meteorology. He was instrumental in helping Sean Casey and TIV2 to obtain footage to complete his IMAX movie "Tornado Alley". Put your trust in me this season, to not only show you the most amazing storms, but to give you the best storm chasing vacation you can possibly get.

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Tour #12024-04-212024-04-26 $2999
Tour #22024-04-282024-05-03 $2999
Tour #32024-05-052024-05-10 $2999
Tour #42024-05-122024-06-17 $2999
Tour #52024-05-192024-05-24 $2999
Tour #62024-05-262024-05-31 $2999
Tour #72024-06-092024-06-14 $2999
Tour #82024-06-162024-06-21 $2999

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I have a proven track record of finding tornadoes. My success rate is very high.
I give you the best experience for your money. My tours are not only educational, but I take the time to make friends with each guest.
I have the experience to keep you safe. I want to give you a great show, but I always error on the side of caution to keep you safe.

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Tour Van
Tour Van

We will be chasing in a 2019 Chevy Express 3500. This van has plenty of room. It is very comfortable for traveling long distances. It received one of the best safety ratings among passenger vans and has plenty of power. This is a 12 passenger van, but we will be limiting the space to 6 guests per tour so each person has a window seat. The vehicle will be equipped with a television for viewing radar and chase maps.

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Name: HKS
Tour: Tour #1
Year: 2022

General review

Tour 4 2022 was a very enjoyable experience. We had 2 proper chasing days and scored a wedge tornado on the first, this thanks to Brandon's brilliant ability to get you where you want to be on a storm and safely take you close to the action. The hotels were of good quality and Brandon makes an effort to find good and interesting places to stop for food. This means we had a sit down meal almost every evening with good variety and no fast food. Depending on the distance to travel we would had some point of interest along our drives before the afternoon storms. When no storms were forecast we always had an interesting day activity along our route, be it a canyon, volcano or simply a quaint town for lunch, every day was enjoyable and featured something memorable regardless of the weather. The small tour group size also makes it a very personal and less crowded experience I reached out to Brandon before booking to tour and he was very helpful with answering my questions. He offers a friendly and professional service that I highly recommend. If you are looking for a storm chasing tour, look no further!

Tour guide review

Brandon is an excellent tour guide, he is the man to trust to get you "on time on target". He perfectly positioned us on the storm on May 23rd first to watch it develop and then right in position to watch tornado formation. Thanks to his expertise we got to observe a dusty wedge tornado at a close, but safe, range. The following day he got us right into the hail core of another storm. Brandon is always calm and professional, he will answer any questions you have and is always on the lookout for changing conditions and how to get the best angle on a storm. He explains the weather forecast and day plan each morning and will keep you updated throughout the day and when on the storm as to his thinking.

Vehicle review

The vehicle is comfortable with enough space for everyone and it is equipped with charging ports for your phone and camera. There is a screen to follow the weather on and snacks are also provided. On the tour we had a rotating seat system so every day we moved around in order to give everyone a chance at each position.
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Name: flying_727
Tour: Tour #6
Year: 2015
Blogged about the tour: Read more

General review

I had tornado/storm chasing on my bucket list for 10 years. When I saw Brandon Ivey and Marcus Gutierrez from Discovery’s Storm Chasers were starting their own company offering tours I finally decided to book my 2 week storm chasing vacation as my 30th birthday present to myself. If you are a fan of the Storm Chasers show, these guys are very willing to discuss the events of the show and provide more background and context to what you see on TV. These guys are dedicated to storm chasing and providing a great experience for their customers. They do things a little different than some of the other companies: nicer hotels than others (Quality, La Quinta, Holiday Inn Express, etc.), when storms allowed, we sat down for lunch and dinner rather than gas stations and fast food, and my favorite par is that when all the other tour companies were watching from miles away from the storm, Brandon and Marcus got us safely within a few hundred yards of several tornadoes when the roads and storm allowed. If you want to experience tornadoes not just see them, I suggest you book with

Tour guide review

Brandon is a great meteorologist and managed to get us on 15 tornadoes during my 2 week trip. Even on days with low tornado probability, Brandon would still find the best storms, namely the ones with tornadoes. He also spends a lot of time describing all of the models used in his forecasting and how he compares his forecast to the SPC before deciding where to go as well has describing what to look for in the sky. He didn’t always agree with the SPC, and on several occasions that work in our favor. Marcus, the driver, is also very experience chasing tornadoes (since he's driven into several). He has a lot of stories to share and was always making sure everyone needs were taken care of. He was able to get us much closer to storms than the other tour companies will get you.

Vehicle review

The van is new and comfortable and is always cleaned between tours. It has a monitor in the back so you can see what Brandon, the meteorologist, is looking at (not all tour companies do). They also have a hail guard on the roof so you can drive directly into the hail core so you can see and experience large hail (baseballs or greater),
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Name: Tim Maynard
Tour: Tour #2
Year: 2015

General review

My first tour was a great learning experience. The guys collected me at the airport and we got acquainted over dinner the first evening. Each evening at dinner we'd get a preliminary briefing of the plan for tomorrow's chase, which would the be confirmed over breakfast and we'd be shown the models for the day. The long drives to the days target area were actually good for hearing stories of chases and intercepts the guys had been involved in. Was like being on a tour with good friends. Many storms were found, but the highlight is of course the Tornadoes we observed on May 7th, my birthday. Felt extremely safe at all times. Never has to worry about a thing as I had complete faith in the guys. Highly recommend this tour company...I'm going back again in 2016 🙂

Tour guide review

Brandon and Marcus were great to tour with. Both are incredibly knowledgeable while at the same time making things very easy for a novice like myself to understand. They made the trip not only educational, but also a ton of fun.

Vehicle review

The StormChasingTour van was very spacious and comfortable for the many hours and miles of travel. Roomy enough to stretch out for a mid afternoon nap. Plenty of windows to see all the action.
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Name: Mike Shuck
Tour: Tour is not registered
Year: 2015

General review

If there were a single drop of water in the entire Sahara desert, Brandon Ivey of could find it. And he'd tell you within a few seconds at what time you'd be driving up to it. Same with tornadoes. I told Brandon up front that I was there to learn as much as I could the process of tornado formation but of course I wanted the experience of being in the presence of tornadoes as well. He did both. He answered my questions thoroughly and he took us to some amazing tornadoes. He understands the risks and minimizes them intelligently. I never felt my safety threatened at all on the entire tour. I had expectations of what the trip would be like, you know, as if I'd ever seen the movie, "Twister". (Ok, I've seen it 86 times ... but who's counting?). One of the guys on the tour was so happy with it that he's coming back next year for TWO weeks, not just one. The accommodations were fine. We went to restaurants where I ordered food I like. Plenty of pit stops when needed. The van is big, not a standard soccer van. Seats were super comfortable which your butt will thank you for because you're going to go a lot of miles. Huge windows in the van and they're moderately tinted so there are no headaches from squinting. It was amusing to see other storm chasers come up to Brandon and ask for his autograph. They recognized him from all the years he was on The Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers series and from being in the IMAX movie, "Tornado Alley". Oh, to be traveling along with the famous. Nobody wanted my autograph. They wanted to know what it was like to be toured by Brandon Ivey. Well, I'll tell you. It was pretty darn great and to prove it I'm going again next year. Maybe next year Brandon will once again get us to the most fantastic tornado and again beat Reed Timmer to it by 10 minutes as he did this year . I can't wait.

Tour guide review

He knows everything about tornadoes. After a tour with him I know far more about tornadoes than I ever did.

Vehicle review

Ahhh.. comfy. Road like a cloud. Fast, too! Monitors show you exactly where you are as well as the weather. Snacks were provided.
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Name: Renato D'Addio
Tour: Tour #6
Year: 2015

General review

Booking was easy, very professional and all questions were fully and promptly addressed. Arrival and departure arrangements were carefully planned and tour guide accommodated all specific requests. All hotels we stayed in were great and carefully chosen. Fun t-shirt and video with highlights of the season were also included. Very professional operators who tried to make the best out of this experience. Chases were planned on a daily basis and extremely well-coordinated and explained to the guests. Tour guides were bold but within all safety standards. The tour was very exciting, professional, informative and safe, I had the experience of a lifetime and cannot wait to join in upcoming seasons.

Tour guide review

Extremely professional, experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. Tour guide was always willing to engage the guests in the experience, sharing information and getting us all involved in the chasing process, making the best of the weather presented on each day. Highly recommended.

Vehicle review

Perfect vehicle, spacious, comfortable, clean and fully adapted and equipped for chasing purposes. Monitor screens were available for tour guests to easily follow the chase. Complimentary snacks and refresments were included, as well as entertainment options for the long rides (severe weather videos, movies and books) .
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Name: SkydiveGirl72
Tour: Tour #4
Year: 2015

General review

I had such a great time with this group. We got up close and personal with the storms. Our group got to see a tornado on our first day. I was able to get some great photos and video.

Tour guide review

Brandon Ivey not only took us to the storms but taught us about chasing. He made sure to explain what was happening when we were watching the storms and what he was looking for on radar.

Vehicle review

The tour van was comfortable and the tour guide were friendly and professional. It had a setup so we could watch movies or play games on the long ride to the storm. Everyone got a window seat.
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