Tammy Crain

Review of "Tammy Crain" by Extreme Chase Tours

General review

My husband and I booked our storm tour with Extreme Chase tours who are based out of Oklahoma. We have been on two other tours with other tour companies in the last two years and decided to try extreme chase tours. Flying into Tulsa, Oklahoma where they are based out of on our arrival day, we got in early and checked into our motel. We were slated to get together with everyone roughly about 7pm that evening for dinner and have their meet and greet. Lanny actually called us called us early in the day and told us that there was a chance of severe weather within driving distance of where we were and asked us if we wanted to go a day early. Of course we said yes even though we were still dealing with some jet lag. We are certainly glad we did! So for us the tour basically started a day early. We left the motel and chased in north Oklahoma near the Kansas state line. We were able to see a very nice storm that was severe thunderstormed warned. I cannot explain how my husband and I felt, going from clear blue skies to a big severe storm that was so pretty and tall within just a few hours. The forecasting ability that our tour guides had impressed all of us. If you are not familiar with how a tour works, this is probably the hardest part, knowing exactly where the weather is going to be. But Extreme Chase Tour folks knew exactly where to go. That impressed my husband and I very much! But what impressed us the most was the comfortable feeling that we got from Lanny and his crew during the tour. For example, the following day we got a motel room in Grand Island Nebraska, Lanny actually checked out our room before we put everything in. He pulled down the covers to check the bedding, he checked to make sure the AC was working fine and checked to make sure we had a good shower. But this was just the start, chasing the next day near Scottsbluff NE, we chased a nice supercell that produced a small tornado! Lanny would stop and let us film if it was safe to do so. Both of the other tour companies we have gone with in the past just kept on driving around and we had to film or shoot our pictures through the windows. Obviously this doesn't produce great results so we were very happy with this. We actually became good friends with some of the other people on tour and with Lanny. This tour almost seemed like a vacation taken with good friends and by the time it ended we had all become family. We actually really didn't want to go home. All in all I give the tour a 5 out of a 5. I wish I could give more because we would give it a 10! That's how much fun we had and how much we learned. The tour was very comfortable as I have said and we were more than confident in the guides ability. All motel rooms were very clean and as I have said, Lanny would check our motel room before we put anything inside. We received wonderful service before the tour in fact, Lanny emailed us a few times making sure to answer any questions we had. Service was great throughout the tour and we couldn't be any happier. We have already reserved our seats for this year and we are so excited to be able to go back with ECT.

Vehicle review:

Our vehicle was a van and it was very comfortable. We each could see out the windows and it was very smooth to ride in. We had full wifi so we could access the internet and share our pictures and check email. The van had radar and various weather equipment installed. This was a very nice feature.

Tour guide review:

Lanny Dean was our tour guide . He did a wonderful job and we were able to see two tornadoes and five supercell thunderstorms. I love photography and I was able to capture some great pictures. Lanny did a wonderful job getting us to the storms and was a wonderful guide. Very knowledgeable and very good at what he does.

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