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    Hi Dan! Congratulations for your wonderful and remarkable site… and that’s really an euphemisma! Well done for the quality work, your professionalism, the originality and widely documented sections, the seriousness and scientific rigor deployed to share your art and your passion! Awesome hunts!
    Passionate in particular about hurricanes since 1989 (i have experienced the monstrous cane Hugo hitting Guadeloupe on September 16th 1989!), I now feel a lot of interest (5 years) in storm chasing in the French West Indies (Guadeloupe).

    I am even a member of a hurricane hunting group in Guadeloupe called in french the “ADOS” (Amicale des Ouragans).

    We promote friendly links, aim to connect people, weather experts or not, knowledgeable or not, who demonstrate a scientific or poetic interest in hurricanes, or loving them. We have a website and we create an atlas. This part of the atlas offers lists and documents about all tropical cyclones (tropical depressions, storms and hurricanes) that have caused wind or rain effects on at least one of the french islands in the Lesser Antilles since 1950. It is updated every year. It provides cartographic representation and a detailed sheet for each cyclone (tracks, satellite loops and radar products, technical reports, meteorological data from Météo-France weather stations and from other complementary measurement networks). Here is the website: Atlas of tropical cyclones in the French Antilles (amicale-des-ouragans.org)

    I can make mistakes by writing this email because of i’m better in french as my mother langage is french. Whereas, i often try to improve my english! I would therefore like to have advices on how to start hunting with quality equipment in order to cease my lightnings shots caught with my mobile phone.

    Which cameras to choose? What minimum budget? Camera or camera with or without a tripod, lens, price, etc.?

    I’m wondering about my new methods and strategies to put in place before the start of the 2024 hurricane season (June 1st). I’m a novice and a newbie, so all tools, advices and tips will be very welcomed to make sense to my thunderstorm’s project. Thank you very much!

    Take care.
    Hoping for a favorable response to my request.
    Best regards from Guadeloupe (FWI).

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