Shaun Scott

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I never thought we would spend so much time driving AWAY from storms. It seemed that these guys did not want to get their vans wet and sticking around to see even tiny hail was a no-no. Their fixation on getting to a restaurant for a steak dinner early each night became boring, a fact that i had to comment to the tour leader about. Thank goodness the weather played ball and we only had one dud day, or this tour would have been a complete waste of money. Whilst writing this I have no comparison to make to other tour operators, I don't think it would be hard to find a better alternative. Little interaction with the guides and ALMOST EVERY TIME something good started to happen it was 'time to move'. I saw most of the action on my tour out of the back window of our vehicle, which was old and cramped. Sorry to say it but i would not book with these guys again.

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