Review of "Tour 5" by Extreme Tornado Tours

General review

I have had the pleasure of going on two tours with Extreme Tornado Tours and without doubt they were the two of the greatest experiences of my life. The first year in 2012 my husband and I witnessed some incredible storms and learnt so much about extreme weather conditions. In our down time we got to see some amazing sights around the States which I never thought I would get to see. Although it came extremely close, we did not witness a tornado, although that was definitely not a deterrent to come again. We immediately signed up for the 2013 tour, as did 8 of the 12 tour guests who had since become our very close friends. The 2013 tour was an extremely active 10 day tour. We witnessed 7 tornados among the most incredible structures I could have hoped to see. We were in extremely high-pressure situations, however our guides maintained complete professionalism and kept us safe yet close enough to witness its power. In both tours we got to meet and chase with Reed Timmer and the crew, in the Dominator, which was an amazing experience it itself. The tour guests we met on both tours and the tour guides have become like family and I know we have built lasting friendships. If this is something you have thoughts about doing, I can't recommend it enough, just make sure its with Extreme Tornado Tours!

Vehicle review:

The vehicle's were incredible. You would think spending 10 days in the same van could become uncomfortable, but this was far from it. The large vans, comfortably seat everyone, with good viewing capacity form all seats. The vans also have a clear roof so you don't miss a thing. Great wifi available to always stay connected as well as plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and use laptops and cameras with ease. I couldn't fault the vehicles.

Tour guide review:

Over 2 years I have had the pleasure of touring with 5 tour guides, Dave, Kevin, Blake, Shanda & Matt. Their wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm is unparalleled. Their genuine desire and drive to get the most out of each experience is apparent in everything they do. They have all become like family and are the reason I will only ever tour with Extreme Tornado Tours.

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