Review of "Jeffrey" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

Without a doubt, this was the best adventure vacation I’ve ever had! It was both an educational and exciting experience! Importantly, safety is always at the heart of any decision made and because of the tour leader's understanding of storm dynamics (and perhaps some good old fashioned intuition) Peter always placed us at the “right place, at the right time”. What better way to see places in the US that you may not otherwise visit?! The photographic opportunities were boundless and the laughs and the friendships made with like-minded persons will last a lifetime. The smaller, nimble group approach allows you learn and see much while greatly simplifying travel logistics. If you’ve ever given any thought to storm chasing, StormGroup Chasers is most definitely the way to go!

Vehicle review:

The vehicle is comfortable and well equipped with radar tracking info, etc. Again, excellent!

Tour guide review:

The team lead, Peter, is very clever and willing to share his wealth of knowledge in an easy to understand, interesting manner. Anything you want to know about weather phenomena, he is happy to inform. Excellent tour leader!!

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