Brit Randolph

Review of "Tour 2" by Twisted Sky Tours

  • Review by: Photogbrit
  • Tour Operator: Twisted Sky Tours
  • Tour: Tour 2
  • Year: 2015
  • Validated: This review has been validated.

General review

I had the most incredible chase experience of my life with Twisted Sky Tours! I've chased twice before I headed out with TS and I can honestly say this was the best trip I’ve had thus far. Within a few hours of arriving in Oklahoma City tour two was on a tornado-warned storm. We ended up seeing at least four tornadoes and multiple beautiful supercell storms that week, making it my most successful chase week to date. Both guides worked together to get us to the most appropriate storm, and they maintained professionalism when we got to the action. When we weren't chasing, our guides made sure to include guests in downtime activities. We visited multiple cities from Texas to Nebraska, and saw a number of interesting sights. I will be going with Twisted Sky again, and I highly recommend them to both newcomers and seasoned chasing veterans.

Vehicle review:

We traveled in a rented suburban out of Oklahoma City. All six people in the vehicle had plenty of room and options for charging electronics. It became our second home because it was so spacious and comfortable.

Tour guide review:

Shanda and Alec have a special way of making you feel like more than just a guest. You really feel like you're a partner and a friend when you chase with these guys. The thing that stood out to me most about these two compared to previous tours is the lack of intimidation I felt when talking about weather. Both made it a point to explain what was going on above our heads. Most tours seem to be a visual experience. This tour is that, but also educational. I learned more during my time with Alec and Shanda than I have in my previous two chases combined. These two work wonderfully together. Alec is phenomenal at positioning, and Shanda is the only person I will ever trust to drive me through storms to get into those positions. They are overall a great team and they were meant to be in the storm chase tour business.

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