Review of "Jill" by Extreme Chase Tours

  • Review by: Jill Blankenship
  • Tour Operator: Extreme Chase Tours
  • Tour: Jill
  • Year: 2012
  • Validated: This review has been validated.

General review

Where does one start? First, I really liked the contact and information that Lanny gave while I was deciding when to go and how it all works. I had never been on a tour before so this was half the battle. Lanny and Laura? made it painless and very professional. I loved the direct contact and access to them before the tour. The tour I was on was very comfortable and professional but very fun at the same time if that makes sense. We saw 3 tornadoes during my tour down in Oklahoma! The only issue that I experienced was with the two other guest during the tour. I am the other guest that was explained (wrongly) in the last review on here. I will be glad to comment on that review to save time.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle was a van and was very comfortable. We had four people on the tour and all people had more than enough room. Lanny and the group has a lot of weather equipment in the van which I really enjoyed being able to see the radar. Lanny took the time to explain to us what we were looking at on the laptop compared to out the window. I personally learned a lot. I was very comfortable during the entire tour (besides dealing with the two other guests)

Tour guide review:

My tour guide was Lanny Dean and Eric? I felt like Lanny did an excellent job of explaining what we were planning on doing every day at the morning meeting. He explained the chances of storms and where they thought the best area to see storms would be. We ended up seeing the Shawnee Oklahoma tornado which was very big and two other tornadoes. I was very impressed with his knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge. Great tour guide!

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