David Augustine

Review of "David Augustine" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

This tour and the service lived up to my expectations and more. The weather cooperated fully and the tour guide Erik was on top of it every step of the way, even before weather services such as the SPC. Even when tornadoes did not form the storms we were on were always in at least a "watch" and always had the potential. Although I had not been on any other tours with any other guides before, I felt Eric & Tornadic Expeditions were professional and responsible while adding Erik's enthusiasm and personal touch. There was good communication throughout the process of setting up, during and after. My other tour member also made the chase interesting and fun since he happened to be from Sweden and had a fair amount of experience in chasing. The evening accommodations were clean and comfortable as well. Always had a good breakfast included and most had pools (which we could have used some nights but did not). All in all, I would certainly use Erik and Tornadic Expeditions again if I go.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle was quite comfortable for me. It was a mini van with 4 captain's chairs and a bench. We were not at full capacity but it would have still been comfortable with an additional 2 people (I think). Our experienced other member had a bit of an issue with somewhat obscurred view from the rear but I was fine with it since much of the best views were while we stopped to observe and indeed we had plenty to view on this trip.

Tour guide review:

Erik was our tour guide and he brings a very enthusiastic attitude about the pursuit and the finish (even if did not finish in a tornado). I think the only criticism I had is that I am a nervous passenger in any car. Erik is constantly analyzing the conditions to give the best chances for a catch. However, he does occassionly become what I considered as "caught up" in the analysis during the drives. I did try to assist by keeping an eye on the road when the tornadoes were not in view. This gave me a little comfort since he could hear me mention things about the road conditions... but as I said to start, I am a bit of a nervous passanger.

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