Randy Hall

Review of "Tour Three" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

What an awesome experience! I saw seven funnel clouds and four tornados, as well as several supercell thunderstorms and fantastic lightning shows. Our team enjoyed several days of intense storm action complemented with beautiful views. Highlighted by our half-day chase of the Canadian, TX, tornado; we had great success in identifying and tracking storms. We had an outstanding group; the group was so fun and warm that it became a major plus of the tour - I would have had a great time if we had never seen a storm - and we saw storms! Bottom line - the tour was well-organized, well-led, and super fun; I heartily recommend StormGroup Chasers.

Vehicle review:

We made our trip in a Chevrolet Suburban. With six in the vehicle, it was perfect for storm chasing. It was quite comfortable with excellent visibility from all positions. The middle row enjoyed better visibility and was somewhat more comfort than the back. We swapped seats every day to assure everyone got time in the better (again - all seats were good) seats.

Tour guide review:

Peter Wharton is an outstanding guide. He knows the science of storm chasing as well as people. This is a passion for Peter and it shows. Peter educates and is very generous in passing on his knowledge. He also focuses on the total experience; from compatibility of the crew, to places to eat and things to see - he makes sure all have fun. Peter has great intuition to go along with the science - if there was action - we were there, and sometimes ahead of it.

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