Kyle Hetherington

Review of "Kyle Hetherington" by Extreme Tornado Tours

General review

The tour was excellent. The guides made the storm chasin days so much fun. They were amazing at forecasting (we hit the storm of the day every single day we chased) It was honestly the best 2 weeks of my life being there with them. Could not have made a better choice. They were very safety conscious at all times especially when on tornadic storms

Vehicle review:

The Vans were great. They had inverters and plug ins inside the van for charging cell phones and cameras which was super handy. And they weren't overfilled they gave everyone a lot of space to stretch out.

Tour guide review:

The forecasting by the guides was incredible. We hit 7/7 on chase days on being on the best storms in the area. They knew where to be when storms fired and knew when to leave a storm for a new one once the storms died off.

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