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Review of "Epic April - Tour 1 - 10 Days" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

The TE Team are top notch, genuine people. With weather, there’s only so much you can do to make things worthwhile when it’s not going your way. The TE team made sure to make every day, even those that weren’t “cooperating”, worthwhile. We visited unique places and learned some fascinating things while we waited for weather conditions to heat up. Erik and team were knowledgeable weather and non-weather, and made sure we followed along. Each evening ended almost ceremoniously as a team and we went through plans for the next day. Then comes the chase. We were fortunate enough to be on a tour with a major tornado outbreak. Erik and team were with us every step, showing us radar, velocities, models, and everything that comes with it. We read the storms through and through as a group. And when it really heated up, the drivers made sure we were where we needed to be in a safe manner. Never compromising safety, but doing their best to keep up with the ever-changing weather. I can’t commend the drivers enough for the long miles and late nights. There are plenty of tours out there. But consider the options when it comes to true, personal experiences. How comfortable will you be? What will you learn? Where will you be when the weather isn’t “cooperating”? From my experience, TE checks all of those boxes on the positive side. This is my first storm chasing experience, but it won’t be my last with TE.

Vehicle review:

The vehicles were equipped with bucket seats which was really comfortable for the long rides. A video monitor was used in the middle for viewing videos/radar/models which was great.

Tour guide review:

We had three guides, all of which were seasoned, well-trained storm chasers. When ten weather was “off”, we had relaxing, easy drives to some really cool places. When the weather ramped up, the communication between the vehicles became important, and the drivers had to be on their toes. I think the crew did a great job navigating difficult situations in these scenarios and getting us in the best place they could. I was really hoping I could learn as much as possible when things were happening, and the TE Team did just that. The trip started with an in-depth presentation on the details of what we’d be looking for each day, as well as safety topics and other expectations. Each day was a synopsis of why we were going where we were going, which was really helpful in learning severe weather models. I learned a ton from this trip.

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